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Blanchard's 5 Steps

Ken Blanchard is one of the worlds leading most management consultants. He has authored dozens of management books including the famous One Minute Manager, The Heart Of A Leader, and The Leader Within.

 The most remarkable things about his principles and techniques are just how simple they are, and how they apply common sense.

Once he was asked of all he had written and lectured, "what does it take for a manager to be successful?" His five point response is the basis in how we strive to lead our company.

  1. Tell people what you want from them.
  2.  Show them how to achieve it.
  3.  Have them show you they can do it and that they understand you.
  4.  Redirect/correct any errors in understanding or standards.
  5.  Recognize them for their efforts and the results they achieve.

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Our Values

Firmly defined by our values and principles, the links below will help illustrate those beliefs who create who we are, what makes us tick, how we get things accomplished.