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Hey, Look Who Else Once Worked As McDonald's® Crew

Famous People Who Worked At McDonald's®

Name Career Year At McDonald's Location

Jay Leno

The Tonight Show Host


Andover, MA

Amy Van Dyken

Olympic Swimmer 1996


Englewood, CO

Andi McDowell




Carl Lewis



Willingboro, NJ

Damon Wayans

Writer/Movie Producer 1994


Manhattan, NY

Jeff Bezos

Founder of Amazon.com


Miami, FL

Belinda Bridgeman

Miss New Hampshire 1978


Merrimack, NH

Bob Kersee

Women's Track Coach


San Pedro, CA

Chris Sabo

Cincinnati Reds


Tampa, FL

Dan Veatch

Olympic Swimmer 1988


Boca Raton, FL

Debbye Turner

Miss America 1990



Gerardo Angulo

Owner and Publisher of More than 20 Publications 1999


Mount Kisco, NY

Greg Mathis

Judge and Syndicated TV Show


Detroit Region

Jacquie Walker

WIVB TV News 5 Buffalo 1990


Jackson, MI

Jill Jeffrey

Head Coach for Varsity Women's Basketball at St. Mary's University, Nova Scotia 1999


Bedford Nova Scotia, Canada

Jimmy Gates

Singer \"Silk\" 1994


Atlanta, GA

Jonathan Rasboro

Singer \"Silk\" 1994


Atlanta, GA

Karen Dunne

Olympic Cyclist 1991


Bloomington, IN

Lee Daniels

Illinois State Representative 1993



Lewis Dix

Actor/Comedian 1995



Marita Veale Parham

Publicity Coordinator for ABC-TV Daytime Television Shows 1991


Manhattan, NY

Mark Lewis

Olympic bowler 1988


Wichita, KS

Mary Ellen Clark

Olympic Swimmer


South Florida Customer Service Representative

Mike Sewell

Actor 1991


Cary, NC

Pam McDonough

Illinois Dept. of Commerce & Community Affairs 1999


Chicago, IL

Rico Hizon

CNBC Asia 1999


Manila, Philippines

Scott Johnson

Olympic Gymnast 1988


Lincoln, NE

Timothy Cameron

Singer \"Silk\" 1994


Atlanta, GA

Bernadette Gray

Editor and Chief, Working Woman's Magazine



Zlatko Buzina

Olympic Croatian Rower 1992


Croatia Marketing Supervisor

Tony Stewart





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Jay Leno


Carl Lewis


Macy Gray


Rachel McAdams